US 100 | Ultrasound

US 100 | ultrasound machine


  • full digital beamforming technology
  • all focus technology: achieve transmit / receive both direction point to point focusing.
  • ultra low transmit power one eight of transmit ultrasound power comparing to traditional beamforming method.
  • powerful adjustable image processing 128 level of total gain adjustment, Y adjustment, gray scale adjustment, frame mixing 80 level of dynamic range adjustment. etc.
  • complete application packages easy user interface, accurate measurement.
  • scanning mode B, B / B, B / M, varied zoom, the image is scrollable
  • focus all focusing beam forming technology
  • cine loop 384 frames
  • image processing real time fixing zooming, wide range Y adjustment, window curve control, STC curve, frame corelation, 256 gray scale, cineloop and image storage, dynamic range, edge enhancement, image reverse function
  • body mark 60 kinds
  • OB table tokyo, hadlock, hansmann
  • measurement & calculation
  • distnace, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate, depth, time, speed, LV ( left ventricle ), AO ( aorta ), MV (mitral valve ), RV / LV, GS, BPD, CRL, FL, GL, TAD, LV, OFD, AC, HC, pregnant week and fetal weight. It has OB report and LMP functions.
  • video out PAL, SVGA
  • graphic user interface
  • ID, date, time, focus, guage,hospital, name, measuring value, gray scale, probe type and frequency, probe position, display mode, scan direction, multiple-ratio, focus, puncture, guideline, image process information and notes.
  • other functions screen protects and probe protects, light keyboard, permanent storage and software update function.
Standard configuartion
  • main unit with SVGA, a 2.5 ØC 5MHz convex probe
  • 2.5-5 MHZ convex heart probe
  • 5.7-5 MHZ convex vaginal probe
  • 2.5-5 MHZ linear abdominal probe
  • 6.5-8 MHZ linear facial probe

B / W video printer, USB printer, USB DVD writer, USB standard 101 keyboard, USB mouse.

  • portable and attractive plastic injection design small sized and lightweight, with clip
  • finer image display and higher resolution due to the application of the latest technologies, such as dynamic focusing, variable aperture, dynamic compressing, dynamic frequency, edge, highlight and digital scanning etc.
  • easy operation with newly designed keyboard
  • 8 gamma correction curves, pre-processing, frames correlation, histogram, interpolation, digital scanning, post-processing etc.
  • screen filter ensuring a comfortable operation
  • display mode B, B / B, B / M and 4B
  • probe frequency 2.5-5 MHz---9.0 MHZ
  • scale mode convex, electronic linear
  • measurement distance, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate, EF slope, BPD, GS, CRL, HC, AD, AC, FL, FTA, APTD, TTD for fetal age and weight.
  • 192 frames cine loops and 1024 images permanent storage.
standard configuartion
  • main unit 3.5 MHz convex probe
  • multi frequency convex probe
  • linear probe and transvaginal probe