US 200 | Ultrasound

US 200 | ultrasound machine

US 200 B/W ultrasonic diagnostic system, which uses the latest beam forming algorith, complex spatial and frequency compounding methods, advance signal processing, high quality probe in wide range frequency, advanced image processing technology, is suitable for examination and diagnosis of abdomen, gynecology, OB/GYN, heart and small parts.


  • full digital beamforming technology
  • all focus technology: achieve transmit / receive both direction point-point focusing.
  • ultra low transmit power one eight of transmit ultrasound power comparing to traditional beamforming method.
  • powerful adjustable image processing 128 level of total gain adjustment, Y adjustment, gray scale adjustment, frame mixing 80 level of dynamic range adjustment. Etc.
  • complete application packages easy user interface, accurate measurement.


  • scanning mode B, B / B, B / M, varied zoom, the image
    is scrollable
  • focus all focusing beam forming technology
  • cine loop 384 frames
  • image processing
  • creal time fexing zooming, wide range Y adjustment,
    window curve control, STC curve, frame corelation, 256 gray
    scale, cineloop and image storage, dynamic range, edge
    enhancement, image reverse function
  • body mark 60 kinds
  • OB style tokyo, hadlock, hansmann
  • measurement & calculation
  • distnace, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate, depth,
    time, speed, LV ( left ventricle ), AO ( aorta ), MV ( mitral valve ),
    RV / LV, GS, BPD, CRL, FL, GL, TAD, LV, OFD, AC, HC,
    pregnant week and fetal weight. It has OB report and LMP functions.
  • video out PAL, SVGA
  • graphic user interface
  • ID, date, time, focus, guage,hospital, name, measuring value,
    gray scale, probe type and frequency, probe position, display mode, scan direction, multiple-ratio, focus, puncture, guideline, image process information and notes.
  • other functions screen protects and probe protects, light keyboard, permanent storage and software update function.
standard configuartion
  • main unit with SVGA, a 2.5 ├śC 5MHz convex probe
  • 2.5-5 MHZ convex heart probe
  • 5.7-5 MHZ convex vaginal probe
  • 2.5-5 MHZ linear abdominal probe
  • 6.5-8 MHZ linear facial probe

B / W video printer, USB printer, USB DVD writer, USB standard 101 keyboard, USB mouse.