SP 101 | syringe pump

power supply

AC 85V or 265V ( at option )
DC inner power 10.8v

applicable syringe

all brands of diposable syringes by volume of 10ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50ml

flow rate option

0.1 ~ 600ml / h in .1ml / h increments (50ml injector)
0.1 ~ 400ml / h in .1ml / h increments (30ml injector)
0.1 ~ 300ml / h in .1ml / h increments (20ml injector)
0.1 ~ 200ml / h in .1ml / h increments (10ml injector)

total infused volume

0.1 ~ 999.9 ml in 0.1ml increments


actuation accuracy: =± 1 %
infusion accuracy: ± 3 %

quick feed

200ml (10ml injector)
300ml (20ml injector)
400ml (30ml injector)
600ml (50ml injector)

occlusion pressure

low, medium, high can adjust

audible & visual alarm

near empty, empty, occlusion, remove, low battery exhausted, device, disengaged, motor trouble, falling of the injector AC power fail

specific functions

time and volume mode, indicating the remaining time of injection, automatic check, injector specifications, KVO functions, total indication of transfusion, quickfeed / prime function, battery capacity demonstration.

weight 2.3 kg

applicable to all brands of disposable syringe clear-displaying on LCD screen remaining line of injection automatically controlling syringe moving speed in accordance with specific volume and time presented for each injection

SP 201 | syringe Infusion pump

product name

syringe pump

Unique Voice Alarm system

The device triggered the voice prompt and stop injection automatically when there is any malfunction, making the infusion process safer and more reliable.

flow rate

50ml syringe:0.1~1500ml/h;
30ml syringe:0.1~900.0ml/h;
20ml syringe:0.1~600.0ml/h;
10ml syringe:0.1~300.0ml/h

the range of limiting volume


the range of injected volume


accuracy of flow rate

Within ±3% (Choose the syringe of specified manufacturer correctly.
This accuracy of flow rate is not including the errors of syringe itself.)

purge rate

Purge rate of 50ml syringe:1500ml/h;
Purge rate of 30ml syringe:900.0ml/h;
Purge rate of 20ml syringe:600.0ml/h;
Purge rate of 10ml syringe:300.0ml/h

alarm & warms

The pump can give out alarming when injection soon finish, injection finishing, injection of limited amount finished, injection is blocked, syringe falls off, syringe is improperly installed, setting error, AC power has been pulled out, low battery and so on.

injection blocked

Choose in the three kinds of occlusion alarm pressure according to the clinical requirements(High,Medium,Low)

KVO rate 1ml/h fuse specification

F1AL/250V ,two fuses(installed inside pump)

operating power

AC100~240.0V, 50/60Hz, Power:=30VA
Internal rechargeable battery: DC 11.1V,capacity=1600mAh.
The device could work constantly more than 4 hour at medium speed running mode, after the battery charged for 10 hours.

operating environment

temperature:+5~+40°C, relative humidity:20~90%

storing environment

temperature:-30°C~+55, relative humidity:=95%, ( No condensation state )

atmospheric pressure


safety level

Class II with insulated enclosure, internal power supply, BF-type continuous normal running equipment.

IP grade IPX1 dimensions 2


weight 2.2kg

accessories Power line,operating manual,warranty card,product certification.

features & functions
  • 3 Vein Infusion Modes rate mode, time-volume mode,dosage weight mode
  • Function to remove bubbles in the tube fast.
  • Function to handle fast speed an d large volume( bolus )
  • The system automatically opens up KVO after injection ( reopens vein circulation )
  • Function to preset solution volume: the user can preset the solution volume. The machine will auomatically stop then start the KVO function once the preset solution volume is finish.
  • The machine automatically records the settings for last injection. It greatly reduces loses workload.
  • Function to Auto-define a syringe, complete callibration technology for syringe brand defination that ensures the compatibility of any brand of syringe and injection accuracy.
  • Human voice prompt and voice alarm function: human voice prompt and alarm will sound when injection is almost done, injection is finished, preset dosage is done, an injection blockage occurs, syringe device is improperly installed, a wrong speed is set, AC is unplugged, battery is closed to zero.
  • Freely stackable: you freely stack onto another to provide multiple solutions, combination solutions has a wide range of clinical applications.
  • Modular, can be split and combine freely.
  • Power source: AC 110-240V 50Hz: internal battery: DC 12V rechargable lithium battery

Model No. SP - 301 Syringe Infusion Pump

We are Offer the required maximum level of safety and flexibility for the precise delivery of medications within several patient care areas.

  • Extended set up menu
  • Extended infusion rate range up to 1200 ml/h
  • All major Syringe brands from 20 ml to 50 ml are accepted
  • RS232 interface for an automatic therapy data transfer to a central computer
Model SP -301
Flow rate rang

20ml syringe        0.1 ml / h ~ 800 ml /h,
50ml syringe        0.1 ml / h ~ 1200 ml /h

Volume limit 0.1 - 999.9ml /h,
Total Volume 0.1 - 9999ml
Infusion rate in mass units 0.1 - 1200ml /h,
Accuracy with approved Syringes ± 2%
Compatible syringe, ml 20ml     50ml of more than 5 brands
Occlusion pressure 300 - 800 mmHg
Bolus rate 50 - 1200 ml/h
Alarms No Mains ; Low Battery ; Very Low Battery
Occlusion ; 5 min Pre-alarm ; KVO
Classification Class ll , CF , IPX1
Operation conditions + 5 to + 40°C
Storage conditions - 20 to + 55°C
Power supply 220VAC 50/60Hz , or internal rechargeable battery
Power Consumption 25VA (max)
Battery type Built-in Ni - MH 6V 2000 mAh
Battery Life 5h @ 5ml / h
Display type LCD 128 * 64 dpi
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 345 * 160 * 35 mm
Selectable options Enable via set-up menu
For customized operations Total infused volume ; infusion rate limited ; Automatic
Bolus; Bolus rate programmming ; Syringe brand displaying
Special Features Selectable infusion modes ; Syringe size detector; Syringe set configuration; Date and time displaying; Alarm volume adjustment
Option 110VAC ± 10 , 50 / 60 Hz ; 12 VDC ; Nurse Call ;
Certificates C E
Warranty 2 years