FD 101 | fetal doppler

  • safe ultrasound dosage is under 50 % of the standard.
  • portable light weight, handset, portable
  • LCD display large display with blue backlight>
  • loudspeaker built-in-loudspeaker & clearly
  • support 2MHz, 2.5 Mhz, 3 Mhz waterproof probe. Accurate FHR detection with clear sound
  • sensitivity monitor 12 weeks above unborn baby’s blood wall pulsate
Specifications FHR

Ultrasound frequency 2 / 2.5 / 3 + - 0.25 Mhz
Ultrasonic intensity < 10mW / cm2
Power supply built-in 9.6v nickle-hydrogen rechargeable battery
Continuous working time > 6 hours
Working temperature 100C~400C

Model no. FD-101

Interchangeable probes yes
Backlight yes
Battery status display yes
Low battery indication yes
AC recharge yes

FD 201 | fetal doppler

  • Lightweight and Easy -To- Use
  • Full color OLED displays FHR curve, FHR intensity, improper FHR alarm signal, speaker volume, battery capacity indicator, working mode, frequency of the probe and FHR synchronization symbol.
  • Accurate FHR detection, it has FHR mode, Curve mode, Replay mode, Manual Count mode, Average FHR mode, Count-down FHR mode.
  • FHR curve display and 30 minutes curve replay function.
  • Detcttion and Indication of probe off.
  • Improper FHR alarm value adjusted. The red / ornage / green FHR value indicates different alarm class.
  • Turn to power saving mode automatically without signal within 30 seconds
  • Auto shut off without signal within 2 minutes.
  • Earphone part supports FHR sound output to earphone or recorder
  • friendly human-machine interface for menu selection.
  • Standard 9V alkaline battery is available for power supply, which can support 300 minutes continuous work
Specifications FHR

Ultrasound frequency 2.0 Mhz
Intensity 5cmW / cm2 or less
FHR Range 60 - 210bpm
FHR Range for manual count code 30 - 250bpm
FHR Accuracy ± 1bpm


Color OLED display FHR value, FHR intensity, improper FHR alarm signal,
record signal, run time, speaker volume, battery capacity indicator,
Working mode, frequency of the probe and FHR synchronization symbol

Standard Accessory

2.0 Mhz / 2.5 Mhz doppler probe 1 piece
Operation manual 1 piece
Charger 1 piece
Rechargable 300 mAH
Ni-MH battery ( 9V ) 1 piece